10 Valence Electron Blues


Woah, atomic clock is ticking

and that’s just about all the news.

I gots ta find me another atom

with a negative charge to lose.

I got a bad case of,

the Valence Electron Blues.

Ion affinity got the best of me and now

I gotta fill up my S and P (orbitals that is).

My electro-negativity dreams of stability

and your opposite charge is the rest of me. 

Oh, I beg down on my knees

no time to choose:

Valence Electron Blues.

Oh please won’t you be my donor,

you know I’ve paid my dues.

If I could bond with a complementary partner,

we’d be getting rave reviews.

I’ve got a hole to fill,

I’ve been consoled but still,

got these Valence Electron Blues.

Now I’m not a loner no more,

She likes my positive cation attitude.

Satisfactory action, zero net charge

and electrons by the twos.

H’uh, isn’t it ionic no more

Valence Electron Blues.

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