13 The Data Say


Take it away with me, forget your policy.

It ain’t cool pissing in our pool,

better listen to what I say.

In the situation room, models spell doom.

Ecological disaster,

whole thing gonna go BOOM.


Well, read what the graphs say, better

learn to extrapolate,

it’s gonna be hot in here

(it’s getting hot in here),

our biosphere (biosphere).

Money and corporate greed

choke us and bring the heat.

Gotta keep it cool baby,

or the data say we’re gonna pay.

Some once said global

warming was not for sure,

but now climate instability be killing the poor.

1-2-3 Doubt ain’t uncertainty,

amiss in self destruction is a

terrible way to be.

Don’t tell me “relax” when it’s clear to see…

pollution from your tailpipe, you

better kneel down and kiss the tree and…

Take it away with me, just take away the seed.

Koyannasquatsi ain’t free, got to pay the fee.


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