12 Sun


Dancing in the sun, black body radiation. 

Feeling the love of Jah (ooh, Jah)

beam down onto the Rasta (Natty Dreadlock).

Electromagnetic love,

propagating from space above.

Solar power rock the Casbah (rock it mon).

Fourteen hundred Watts per square meter.


Woah yeah look up to the sun. 

Help me sing this song,

it’s the heliocentric one.

We singing oh yeah, look up to the sun.

Won’t you help me sing this song,

it’s the heliocentric one. 

Cannot overestimate your worth,

illuminating half of earth. 

Make a beautiful rainbow

and photosynthesis make the coconut grow. 

You lash out with your solar flares,

been doing it four point six billion years. 

You’re older than my grandpa. 

I hope you never go supernova so I sing to you.


From up above you’re giving more

I pay respect to you oh sun.

Cause I know inside your core

you got the nuclear reaction.

(1/2 CHORUS)

You ask: how big is the sun?

Well it’s 99% of our solar system. 

I love the big ball of plasma in the sky and
Jah Rastafari!


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