04 Peer Review


review, that’s peer review (x4).

Come on everybody let’s get along, (h’uh!)

we can all groove to the science song. (yeah!)

Plugging along, we be going strong,

with a scientific method

you can’t go wrong now. 

It’s only human to make mistakes

and curiosity is the great escape. 

You be playing games and developing tricks. 

Add logic and now you got the powerful mix.

(What’s up!)


Cause we’re going insane we got to maintain,

so ditch the fears and whip out the brains. 

Playing it cool, I always got the equation:

analytical tools for every occasion. 

Cause sucker MC’s always hyping up smack

but the math says their data’s all whack. 

I give them the rap of reality.

Gotta break it down scientifically.


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