CHORUS: Light amplification,

stimulated emission of radiation (X4)

A population inversion

means photonic coercion.

Power addition by stimulated emission.

This brilliant gain,

it came from Einstein’s brain.

It was 1917 when he hatched the scheme.

Superposition, it’s plain to see

the wave part of this duality.

You can do it in a resonating cavity

like Maimen did back around 1960.


Pump electron clouds with energy,

the photons say,”Energy, come go with me.”

Cloned photons are instantly born

and the group marches on, and on and on.

Walking in step at the speed of light,

though at rest infinitely light.

Their relativistic momentum rocks.

Thinking about light is so outside the box.

Optical components, aligned in a maze,

figure it out and you can get them to lase.

A point source of light, focused infinitely far.

Monochromatic, Yeah, it’s a L-A-S-E-R

… stands for 


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