11 IQ


Boom, oh yeah, do it mathematically. 

What you want? One, two, IQ!


Ohh girl I like it like that when you’re

punching calculators

and your data’s all PHAT. 

Yeah boy, it turns me on when you

hit the math and

work it till the break of dawn.

Yeah we up in the club with

people bumping their booty,

acting dumb as a brick

so I put them off duty. 

Please, you’re so dirty trying to

get you freak on but

nerdy’s so hot right now,

let’s see you get your geek on.

Just before the night was through,

she come up out of the blue,

she hit me with the 1-2. 

Her IQ wrecked the whole damn crew,

got the hizzo hopping like a kangaroo. She said,

“If you want to pick my combination lock

you better use your brain not your. 

I choose a boy with analytical skill,

2-bit hustlers, y’all best go chill. 

If you want to penetrate my boundary layer,

reduce your turbulence and

fit these curves like a player,

I’m looking for intellectual thrills,

find my Reynolds number

and maybe we can chill.”

Now I ain’t no fool so I said, “It’d be cool

if maybe we could study

some day after school.” 

I got real nervous,

I started to fidget

but she got data acquisition:

“just give me your digits, boy.”


So I spent a day or two thinking damn she fine,

forget the pants I got to get inside her mind,

she’s so sexy cause she’s so smart.

She making girl technology like state of the art.

Then Monday rolls around

and it’s back to school. 

She’s rocking the scene

I mean home boy’s drooling. 

Pick your jaw up off the floor, come on,

respect is what this situation calls for. 

I raised my hand at the head of the class,

P*V=N*R*T that’s an ideal gas. 

“Very good, that’s right”

is what the teacher said

but then she hit me with the text:

“I think you might have misread.” 

You see you can’t assume this equation scales

if it’s wicked cool the ideal gas law fails. 

Let’s hit the books we can cover the bases. 

Swing by tonight, I will

teach you the special cases.”


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