06 Inter-cranial Data Transfer


I’m bored and blind,

but if I could see your mind,

I’d read it all the time.

I’m stuck inside mine.

My heart is breaking without your

intracranial data transfer.


When you call my name

I only hear what you say. 

Look into each other’s eyes,

we’re never going all the way. 

Behind those eyes,

the neurons fire away,

and I long to have a word

with them some day.

Neural circuits do govern what you do

and what you’re feeling too.

(I wonder what you’re feeling.)
I only wish I knew (wish I knew),

oh, cause if I did we might just get more

inter-cranial data transfer.


So lonely inside me, bioelectricity. 

And it’s lonely inside you,

we let the nervous feeling brew. 

I want to feel what you see,

adapt synapses plastically

and build a neural bridge with you. Ooooh.


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