05 Dark Matter


Dark matter, dark matter holds it all together

if you say it don’t matter well…

dark matter is the matter that you can’t see.  

Dark matter, dark matter,

make my universe six times fatter.

Eyes closed when I feel your gravity,

your darkness matters to me.

Edgar Allen Poe feeding the id,

reminiscent of something Rembrandt did,

yeah, dark matter is a matter of fact

cause visible things interact with…

Dark matter,

dark matter gotta be there from

what we’ve gathered since 1934

postulated by Fritz Zwicky
Dark matter, it’s a dark, dark matter.

You’re gonna make a WIMP’s

heart just shatter when you

force a change in rotation of a galaxy,

your darkness matters to me.

Blackout time like a sonic boom.

Door flies open when you enter the room.

Halo of darkness, you know it ain’t right

when your dark power’s gonna bend the light.

Black lipstick and raven wings,

observing your effect on visible things.

Background glow with anisotropy,

indirect proof but where can you be?! 

You’re my… Dark matter, dark matter,

matter of fact, you’re gonna

make my brain scatter.

Obfuscated in physical mystery,

dark matter matters to me.

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