14 Bling It On


Yo what’s up bro

you rocked the house tonight.

Yeah I had mad people all up in the hizzo.

The party was bumping

and that scene was tight.

Then I walked with a stack of cash. For real, yo.

Take it to the limousine parked outside,

a private party with my crew to roll.

My posse’s getting big but

my wallet’s getting bigger,

I’m going to talk to the ladies

and I’m going to count my dough.

Why you mowing the lawn?

You should be walking the dog!

Time to bling it out now

with some funky fresh ice.

Sheee, I ain’t about to drop the cash

or I’d be all over that like white on rice.


That boy’s the ish, he’s so delish.

We would think he’s nice,

if he had some ice.

Check it out y’all you can pack the punch

without cheating at all just saving a bunch. 

You need the flash in the club with the

bub and the hits.  With the green I’d save

I could be popping the Crys., but De Beers

got my sack and I find that whack. 

Time to find a hookup I got your back. 

Take my advice I ain’t no fool on the hill,

just a mack daddy brother

with the looks to kill.


Check it, Moissanite’s the rock with more. 

This funky fresh gem: it got mad dispersion.

Where diamond’s only like 2.4 its

refractive index is up at 2.7. (huh huh, really?)

Let me break it down so that you can rock this,

the funky-fresh look all comes from optics. 

You mean it’s all about

how the crystal bends the light? 

Bends more for less, that’s absolutely right. 

You talking twice the ice for half the price?

Haha, yeah, twice the bling

for half the cha-ching. 

Be a funky fresh gem

from outer space rocker. 

Bling it on,

what you think about that, big bopper?! 

I got the skill y’all best go chill because

my style’s for real and my flow is ill. 

When you got the look,

then you’re off the hook. 

Yeah, Moissanite rocks and that’s the deal.


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