01 Sound Science

Sound Science aims to explain the scientific principles of sound to an eleven year-old.  The basic physics of sound waves and the basic biophysics of hearing are covered. (Get Sound Sicence on iTunes)

Get Sound Science on iTunes

02 Big Question

Written to convey the drama of questioning, Big Question invites inquisitive listeners to ask questions about the world around them.  It implies that by uncovering the underlying mechanism of function in nature, the world can be changed. (Get Big Question on iTunes)

03 Dr. Dan, Science Man

Whitney Houston sang “I believe the children are our future.”  This translation of that statement is meant to continue the sentiment begun in the previous track, Big Question and empower and excite the next generation of enquiring minds. (Get Dr. Dan, Science Man on iTunes)

04 Peer Review

The translation of the peer review process into hip-hop rhetoric with an overtone of the Bestie Boys won’t come through until the last verse of this track. Meanwhile, there are some in-your-face science fireworks.  (Get Peer Review on iTunes)

05 Dark Matter

Dark matter is a mysterious cosmic entity. What is it? Where could it be? The intrigue is at a fever pitch. Everybody rock out, it’s dark, and it MATTERS! (Get Dark Matter on iTunes)

06 Inter-cranial Data Transfer

Eventually, the angst of human romance will resolve with neural bridging sometime in the future. For now all we can do is stare into the eyes of the ones we love, wondering about their neuronal mysteries. Will intracranial data transfer ever become inter-cranial data transfer? (Get ICDT on iTunes)

07 Sines and Cosines

Simple harmonic motion is everywhere. Sines and Cosines cites several important examples of cycles.  Concepts of frequency and amplitude are implied musically for phenomena in the world around us. (Get Sines and Cosines on iTunes)

08 Sharks

A rock-umentary of our ocean’s top predator, Sharks is a song that was meant to thrash and chomp.  Listen for the electricity in the musical interlude, representing the lateral line, a super human sense that allows them to feel electricity sensitively. (Get Sharks on iTunes)


The word laser is an acronym: L.A.S.E.R.  Learn what it stands for with this song, LASERs. (Get LASERs on iTunes)

10 Valence Electron Blues

From the point of view of an atom who is missing an electron, the human emotive suggestions of tracks 6 & 7 don’t really cut it.  Valence Electron Blues get’s at the relevant issue: charge imbalance. (Get VEB on iTunes)

11 IQ

The most beautiful organ in the human body is not the hand writing delicate calligraphy, it is the brain.  This direct attack on the promiscuous lifestyle of teenagers conveys the prerequisite understanding that looks aren’t everything. (Get I.Q. on iTunes)

12 Sun

The equator has sunshine, photosynthesis, tropical islands and reggae music. This song was written on the island of St. John. (Get Sun on iTunes)

13 The Data Say

People’s inability to grasp simple scientific results, or the unwillingness to accept future implications, isn’t helping stop climate change. When a scientist says there’ a 98% chance of doom with a 1% uncertainty, don’t interpret that as “Scientists are uncertain.” (Get The Data Say on iTunes)

14 Bling It On

It’s no secret, hip-hop artists like the bling-bling.  This song suggests a diamond alternative that is optically way cooler. (Get Bling on iTunes)

15 Universe Groove

The universe is big.  It’s easy to feel small … but not with science.  Universe Groove is a happy, feel-good hit that has all the rock-and-roll pizazz of Dark Matter, but without the darkness. (Get Universe Groove on iTunes)

16 Elegan Model

Elegan Model puts a scientific spin on Cascabel, by Martin Zarzar. The neuro-science of simple model organisms such as Caenorhabditis elegans (C. elegans for short), provides stunning insights representing only the beginning of neuroscience today. (Get Elegan Model on iTunes)

17 Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star

In this scientific reproduction of the children’s classic by Mozart and Charles Bradlee, sound scientific lyrics give the kiddies something they can hold onto in adult life. (Get Twinkle on iTunes)

18 IQ Reprise

The Blue Massive Dub Mix produced by Jay Sustain.  Play this track often at parties. (Get I.Q. Reprise on iTunes)